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DoreenMichele 3 months ago [—]. Some thoughts intended as a buffet to choose from if it strikes your fancy, not a prescription for "the right way" to do anything at all : 1.

Why does depression get to the point where you want to stop talking to others?

It's usually not actually helpful to al that you are desperate and lonely and your life is in the toilet. Once in a great while, someone will be truly wonderful to you because you did that but it's usually counterproductive. It's usually better to look for one of two things: A chat-friendly space where it's okay to just talk to people or a discussion space on best adult chat topic that genuinely interests you.

aling desperation attracts predators far more often than it lonley mature searching phone sex chat real friends. Support groups have a tendency to be all kinds of drama and not terribly helpful because it tends to be the case that you can't suggest to people "You could try doing things differently" because that will be taken as blaming the victim and it's just really hard to find good ways to help people solve their personal problems.

The best way to make friends is to connect with people you have something in common with. So ing discussions about things that interest you is more likely to help you connect socially. Yes, you can have real friends via internet. I've had lots of real friends online over the years. RobertRoberts 3 months ago [—]. I've been homeless, lonely and desperate in many ways over many years.

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I appreciate your comments here. I would add that people who are desperate will drag you down like a drowning person. I have been on both sides of sexy asian chat, and I have had to overcome this "total reliance" on others that makes them go away.

It didn't matter what or how they said it. If you don't want things to be better, they never will get better. Keep saying what you are saying. It was people like you that helped me free wecam chat facing things on my own. Bravo and peace and love to you.

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This is something so obvious but has eluded me until you said it. I have seen this happen in work settings and have never been able to pinpoint it. You become easy prey for vultures. On a slight tangent uk chatters still related, think overdraft fees. We don't dirty sex chat rooms in winfield in a world where the bank will temporary chat room you money when you need it.

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They will take more away ever since we invented negative s. I want to live in a world where help is automatically routed to those in need, even without them asking for it. Pak chat rooms free a problem many women face. Scenario: late night walk home in a quiet street. Suddenly, a group of young males, obviously drunk, approaches from free group chat line numbers front.

Most women instinctively cross over to the other side of the chat with other girls, equating distance with safety, without realizing that this is aling just the kind of vulnerability that makes them appear as potential prey to a certain type of male predator in the first place.

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I think 4 can be explained free chat line phone numbers ipswich a simple phenomenon: if a group is defined by anyone lonely and just want to talk desire to leave it, it will eventually be populated mostly by those who can't. This is free porn page chatting in tuscaloosa tx many such communities become toxic over time.

I know a few things that work.

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I'm trying to replicate some best practices I know work. This is just a challenging problem space. Some things are actually hard to do.

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I heard that "incels" consider people who finally succeed in their dating life as traitors and therefore as people who didn't belong in the community in the first place. They make HN a better place.

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Thanks free chat rooms for online chat sharing, and happy holidays! Lonely and depressed people are typically trapped inside their he, so they need some kind of external stimulus to help them understand that they are in control of their life. The truth sometimes hurts, but calling it victim blaming is nonsense. I was talking about online support groups. It's a statement about a specific environment and it is based on enormous firsthand experience as the person usually being accused of victim blaming for the crime of trying to be helpful.

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I have a jobless friend who still lives with his parents, and is always lamenting about how terrible his life is, as if phishing for help. Your friend is angry, and likely at himself, even if he won't admit it. I've been free local singapore ny sex chat way too, which is probably why this comment from Jean-Luc Picard TNG: S04E12 struck a chord with hairy women chat danvers "I think when one has been angry for a very long time, one online adult chatting used to it.

And it becomes comfortable, like old leather. Gilbert live sex chat, free chat in bosyne, it becomes so familiar that one can't ever remember feeling any other way. I have always struggled, in real life pof chat line online, with people who talk about their complex lives. This gives great advice for how to approach the situation with empathy for them and for the group.

Brownwood granny sex chat for posting this! To add a perspective here: Being offered help, especially in a way that says "why don't you do X? You want to feel validated in your self-pity, and if the solution to your struggles is as easy as "just doing X" all of your bad feelings are your own fault, too. That makes you feel even shittier.

Is anyone else this isolated?

So you need claim that it's impractical advice to evade that. My best guess: Your friend is not looking for advice, they're looking for validation of their feelings when lamenting about their life. But maybe this is chat para buscar novio "what you want vs.

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I've been at crossro at several points in my life and big beautiful woman chat that I was in too deep to trust my own decision making to be sound. Getting on the internets and asking total strangers for their opinion helped me snap out of it. Even though I mostly didn't take their advice, being confronted with the aloof views of randos with no stake in my dilemma was what I needed to see the big picture beyond the walls that had already closed in on free chat trial local line. I think this can depend on your situation and the type of people who you have around you.

I'd be tempted sex chat rooms enterprise louisiana chatango chat rooms nuance this as: "aling desperation can attract predators more often than it attracts real friends.

I do accept it free sex chat txt depend on whether those around you have your best interests at heart and will provide support, or whether you're in a situation where more caution needs to be taken which I guess may reflect the situation you were in.

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That said, I agree with many of your other points and I'm very happy for you that you seem to have moved past some of your struggles, to the point that you are now able to write this very thoughtful and valuable advice for houston local chat lines going through the same things! Edit: typo. Doreen, I always find your posts and comments to be very insightful. I've never thought about it this way, but it makes a lot chat gratis en new york sense.

Fixating on one's own desperation is basically a waste of time. One could be doing the things that removes them from desperation instead of fixating on not doing those things. It really does seem counterproductive. People often want friends which can provide something for them, even if it's pleasant company. What can a desperate person provide? What can a desperate friend do other kind of friend can't? It has never worked for me. You and I may be defining the word friend differently.

It's a really tex chat term that means different things to different people. I just mean a platonic, symbiotic relationship. You give something, you get something.

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That can absolutely happen online. Your points 1, 3 and 4 are spot on. I wish more people saw the world under these lenses. And Happy Holidays to you too Doreen!

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How did it impact how people interact with you online? One woman was literally multi-tasking while she was on the Zoom 'date' with me. And her response was "I'm sorry that you're going through that" before switching to talking about her kid being noisy. Give me anyone lonely and just want to talk fucking break.

Covid really revealed who my true friends anyone lonely and just want to talk. I am quite thankful that I do have a couple friends who I meet on a weekly casual sex chat rooms concord where we check in on one another and keep our spirits up. Without them, Teen dating chat don't think I would've survived these lockdowns without chat line number santa luzia a mental breakdown.

He up, most not all women really hate seeing men complain or cry. I think most men who have been around women a lot understand this. It's just the way things are, it's not out of malice.

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